Saturday, August 29, 2009

A performing artist

A performing artist..
Watch and listen till end.. the fun starts from the 46th sec!!

Some F1 statistics:
  1. Formula 1 engines typically produce power in excess of 300 BHP at engine speeds in the range of 20,000 rpm (almost 3 times normal road cars) and road speeds crossing 350 kmph
  2. The gearbox can reach temperatures of 150°C during a race and the brake discs can exceed temperatures of 1,000°C. Tyres can reach temperatures of 160°C.
  3. An F1 race car can do: 0 – 60mph in 2.3 seconds; 0 - 100mph in 3.8 seconds; 0mph - 100mph and back to 0mph again in 5.5 seconds; Top speed back to 0mph in 3 seconds
  4. The energy required to slow a car from 315kph to 185kph is the same amount needed to make an elephant jump 10 metres in the air!
  5. The F1 car can generate lateral accelerations of 5G during cornering
  6. A Formula One engine weighs just 95kg
  7. A Formula One driver burns approximately 600 calories per Grand Prix and loses on average two kilograms in weight. The drivers' heart rates reach peaks of 190 beats per minute during a Grand Prix
  8. On an average, the F1 drivers will typically change gear up to 2,800 times per Grand Prix

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